OSA products had being researched and developed with 2 goals in mind:

  1. Using existing renewable materials
  2. Creating self-sustaining products while creating a safer environment to the societies at large.

In the beginning years of OSA our products were developed with 25-30% sustainable resources (starch).  After further of development our company project engineering team raise the standard to create a starch level exceeding 40% and finally reaching nearly 50% of  the currently percentage of starch contain is about 40-50%.  Besides increasing the bio contain, we also focus on replacing the traditional plastic materials by easier breaking down plastic materials, such as, PP, EVA, PLA, PBAT etc. in the ended products components.  In 2018 we broke new ground and were successfully created our Home Compost Plastic Formula to the mass production, making it a huge step in our success on creating the earth friendly products.

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