This is a plastics material using latest technology basing on one natural plant; it is used as a substitute for the oil-originated plastics. Its main component is low-value cassava which is people rarely eat. This new material is produced basing on the natural plant material so it can promote ultimately in many fields.

hat nhua_ PP

We undertake to satisfy your requests for improving normal plastic being used into materials friendly with environment with full basic properties of material

By mixing some ingredients naturally originated with plastic mixture, new materials will be completely non-toxic used as packages, especially food package which are easily disintegrated in natural ground environment, and reduce waste emission as burn of waste.

  1. Can be mixed with many other different oil-originated materials at the moment of manufacturing products in plastics field.
  2. The finished plastic products, what is produced by new plastic material, can be finished at same quality with the traditional plastic products.
  3. This new material can be used to replace the traditional plastic material and is a best solution for environment protection.
  4. Being highly portable in solving production cost of the eco-friendly plastic material manufacturing.