Can be mixed with many other different oil-originated materials at the moment of manufacturing products in plastics field

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The finished plastic products, what is produced by new plastic material, can be finished at same quality with the traditional plastic products

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This new material can be used to replace the traditional plastic material and is a best solution for environment protection

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Being highly portable in solving production cost of the eco-friendly plastic material manufacturing.

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  • Bags For Foods

    Bags For Foods

    We provide all kinds of plastic bags, such as: t-shirt bag, trash bag in rolls, die-cut handle bags, foods bags in roll etc. Using sources of materials friendly with environment produced by our company ensure unharmful to consumers and friendly with the environment. Using our plastic products will contribute to the protection of your living environment. Beside that, our new material is suitable to mix with another plastic material, such as, LDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, PS, PSP, ABS to produce the finished eco- friendly products, it will replace the finished traditional plastic products

  • Bags in roll with paper core

    Bags in roll with paper core

    The company currently operates manufacturing and exporting sports t-shirts to the U.S. market. Production system consists of two small garment factories and a small screen printing factory what are located in HCMC. We hopes to diversify the business lines to have more and more export products for the exporting to other markets.

  • Bags in roll without paper core

    Bags in roll without paper core

    We provide all kinds of paper packaging for the fast food outlets, the major products such as pizza boxes, paper bags, paper boxes. We supply to the customers in several different paper types and meet customer requirements for designing and printing

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