We focus on replacing the traditional plastic materials by easier breaking down plastic materials, such as, PP, EVA, PLA, PBAT etc

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The finished plastic products, what is produced by new plastic material, can be finished at same quality with the traditional plastic products

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The commitment to all of our customers is to weigh heavily all feedback on our work to increase the quality of our products.

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We do our own research, and we own the technology.

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The Project For You

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Do you desire to MANUFACTURE THE BIOPLASTIC MATERIALS on YOUR OWN? In terms of benefits for companies wishing to produce bioplastics, instead of having to spend a lot of money, plus too long time to research and apply a new technology, the production technologies transferring project will help the mentioned companies minimize their costs and can produce products in a very short time

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Replacing 100% plastic materials

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  • Biodegradable Material

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    Our material is based on up to 50% tapioca starch and photo-degradable plastic material. By blending the starch inside the photo-degradable plastic structure, we increase the biodegradability of our materials and end products

  • Home Compost Material

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    Our home compost material is based on up to 40% of starch and biopolymers. All the components are biodegradable. By blending the starch to bio polymers, the ended products can be composted in home and garden conditions


    Easily adaptable

    Our Starch Based Home Compost bags are certified as home and garden compost by Din Certco. Due to the difficulty of collecting single use plastic bags for industrial composting. The technology of home compost was created to make easier for end user to solve the waste and contribute their love to the environment