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One Step Ahead Company was successful in bringing products friendly with environment from experimentation to reality



One Step Ahead Production Trading Services Co., Ltd. (OSA Co., Ltd) had originated as a trading company. In its’ infancy, it operated mainly to support domestic manufacturing companies developing their business while connecting them with customers from other countries around the world.

During the trading and sourcing for the plastic packaging industry, we discovered there was a growing demand for environmental friendly plastic products. These products will be the future of the industry replacing the less friendly traditional products currently on the market. We began to research our own Bio-based plastic products.

OSA researching team had been working constantly to develop the technology of new materials, what is based on biological renewable material. The goal was the finished products must be able to biodegrade in a natural environment, but also must retains the basic properties of the traditional plastic materials.

On February 2010, the Bio-based material factory was established in District 12, HCMC, Vietnam. Our research and development was put into practice. The first production line was just able to produce 150 tons per year.

After one year, we expanded with two more lines of Bio-based plastic material productions.

The current capacity is 5000-6000 tons annually for the Bio plastic materials.

I want to personally thank you, our customer for believing in our vision and supporting our products.  

Your dedication and support have help us to create a dream into a reality.  The world’s societies are pointing that ecology and business need to cooperate in order to sustain our climate.  To prove this the governments of the economies of the world are passing laws pushing these changes.  OSA Ltd. is on the cutting edge of this trend and we cannot be successful without you putting the faith and convictions with us to make it possible.

It is with this steadfast belief that we want to continue to work with you to provide for a more greener environment.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the hard work and dedication you have given to our project for the past 5 years.  You all have been a key part of the success thus far in what we have accomplished together.

Basically without you there would be no OSA and I would be working at my old job feeling little sense of purpose.  But you have stuck it out with me and shared my dream for a better way of life, not just company success but the passion to make our country a better place. One we can pass down to generations, cleaner, healthier and full of hope for tomorrow.

We have seen dramatic changes taken place in the last year or so.  The most surprising is the global market opening up between Europe, Asia and the USA.  This could bring great changes to our operations that would require us to push ourselves to new heights, bringing influence that would cause a dramatic increase in production.


Specials thanks my family.

Words cannot express how much you have supporting me in my dream of making this project a reality.  However, I will try to express it the best way I know how.

Through the goods times and the bad times you have always been there for me, never giving up on this dream.  Many times its been very challenging but just when I felt I couldn’t go any farther, your encouragement gave me the strength to never quit.


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