Our continually project is to keep increasing the starch content to our materials and finished products. Currently, the injection molding products, such as cutleries, plastes, cups, etc contain up to 50% starch material. Our goal is to make it to 60% by the end of 2021. We are also researching for any new material, which can be used to replace 100% plastic materials. Please keep checking on our project for more exciting new materials.

We can not deny that plastic products are still necessary for daily life. So, instead of replacing them with paper products, wooden products, bamboo products, which are using too many natural resources and are much more expensive, we can use the renewable material, starch, which is faster to grow, not foods and competitive cost. The finished starch-based biodegradable – home compost products have the same function of traditional plastic products, but, 100% environment friendly

The starch-based biodegradable – home compost products can be finished in any designs, printings, colors… Our new material will create beautiful finished products, which are easy to compost in the environment. We love our earth and doing our best on solving the pollution caused by traditional plastic 

The very large quantity of cutleries are used for takeaway foods. These products will be used for just 1-2 times and will be trashed. Because traditional plastic is not biodegradable, it will cause many problems for solving plastic waste.  We are developing our products based on PP, 

PLA and starch to make sure it will be quickly biodegraded or composted after being trashed

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